Let’s talk about coffee.  You’ve had it.  You’ve spilled it.  What’s the worst that could happen?

Stuff gets wet, and you have less coffee.  No biggie.  But what if you spill it on your keyboard?
Still, not the end of the world.  You might lose your keyboard, or even your whole computer.  Couple grand down the drain.  But what if you spill coffee ON THE CONTROL PANEL OF A PASSENGER AIRPLANE?
Well apparently it doesn’t respond favorably.  Flight 940 was bound from Chicago to Frankfurt (a very long flight) when shortly after takeoff, the pilot spilled a cup of coffee on the instrument panel.  Now, you’d think a plane would be built to handle little mishaps like that, but you’d be wrong.  The coffee set off a code 7500, which means the plane has been hijacked and alerts everyone at the FAA that their day is about to become much more stressful.  I’m not sure how closely you follow the news, but hijacking is low on the list of “stuff the country is totally cool with” and very high on the list of “stuff that will make us crap our pants with paranoia.”  The plane had to be diverted to land in Toronto, where it was discovered that the coffee was not hell-bent on destruction, so everyone went back to Chicago to try again the next day.
Still, doesn’t it seem like that alarm should be a little harder to set off?

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