I hate stupid people. I see blatant displays of irrationality so often that I don’t even think about it anymore. One day, I read about a man in Chicago who sued White Castle because he burned himself on an onion ring, which he claimed was unreasonably dangerous. As though there is a reasonable level of danger that one can expect from onion rings and this one exceeded the Onion Ring Danger Threshold. That did it. I decided to collect the stupidity I encounter, and the blog was born.

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21 Thoughts

  1. Haha, this is probably one of the best “About” sections I have ever read on an internet blog.

  2. AMEN. HALLELUJAH. YES LAWD. Is there a hymn we get to sing at some point?
    I Believe, and I am ready to Testify.

  3. Geez, talk about 1) anger management issues and 2) way too much time on your hands. I bet this won’t get published because the “author” (used loosely) is way too thin skinned (like Donald Trump) to publish anything that runs counter to her belief that she’s really important. I’m sure the girl who writes this thinks she’s pretty smart, when the reality is, she’s probably the stupidest of them all.

    1. George, if you think anyone is paying to write in a WordPress blog, you’re the stupid one. Also, from reading these entries, it is clear the author is anything but stupid. Also, why do you think it’s a “girl” writing? Did she mention being under 18?

    2. Where did you get girl?

      “A blog dedicated to exposing and explaining the rampant stupidity of the world, written by a fiercely skeptical but generally lovable guy.”

    3. Why are you convinced this writer is female? And why do you refer to your female as “girl” and “chick”? Didn’t you know that is an archaic form of address that went out some time when the Eagles had their last top ten single?

      Oh, you’re saying you’re from the past? Well, don’t be shy, Past Boy! Do tell us what it felt like to be at an Elect Nixon rally.

  4. This must be one of the funniest blogs I’ve ever found. You have a great talent for combining writing and cursing in a very entertaining and enlightening way!
    I always wonder if people would start blogs like these if they’d live in my effin’ country, where you can’t do shit on the internet anonymously and have to put your real name, address and phone number with it, so people like the commentator above can not only call you a stupid chick in the comment section, but even visit you to tell you in person. (And I’m not even living in a war zone … just Europe …)
    You lucky Americans you 🙂

  5. If you were on a stage in front of me, or in line at Walgreens pharmacy I would remove my underwear and throw it to you.
    …not in a gross used-condom kind of way, but in a Tom Jones-fan kind of way.

  6. Oh man, I think I just found my long lost twin. I showed the sailing article to my wife. When she finished reading it, she commented that she read everything in my voice since you write the way I talk!! Then I showed her this page and she literally stated “This is like you long lost soul mate, or missing twin!!! Love the stories so far and I can relate to your frustration with irrational people like this, it drives me nuts too!!!

  7. If every writer wrote like this, I’d actually read articles in their entirety! The sailing bullshit story was awesome!!

  8. “Honey! I’ll be taking dinner in the study tonight. I’ve found a blog I must read.” …”Anything with bacon is fine.”…”Yes please. And a bucket of ice too. Scotch will assist me in focusing on the more esoteric and poignant points.” …”I don’t know. It appears I am late to the party as there are several years to get through.”…”I’m unsure. He seems to be a cross between my uncle the rocket scientist and Billy Connolly.”

  9. Great page….keep up the good work…great job on that fake story about the two bitches and their dogs stranded for 5 months…I wonder if their dogs ate them out for nutrients…I’m just sayin..:)

  10. Excellent writing, very engaging! Leave the F bombs in, I laughed so hard, ’cause this is the same way I talk when confronted with weak BS. Great job!

  11. Has the world become smarter since 2017, or have you become tired of the increased level of insanity everywhere? Please consider writing new stuff.

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