Ok underlings, pay attention.

I’m not a great person.  In fact, many of my friends would tell you that I’m kind of an asshole.  I own stuff I don’t need, I rarely tip anyone who works behind a counter, and I have a hickey right now from a girl whose name I’m pretty sure I never learned and who I definitely couldn’t pick out of a lineup.

She may have looked like this.

The point is that I’m no beacon of moral integrity, and I certainly have no right to preach about others’ ethical duties toward those less fortunate, and you have no reason to listen to me.  But preach I shall.

I rarely donate to charities, and not because I don’t agree with them, it’s because I want my money more than I want to give it to someone else.  It’s very simple.  But what if you didn’t have to do anything different at all and donations would be made to charities dedicated to planting trees, building houses, and giving clean water, vaccines and books to people who need them?  Why wouldn’t you?

Enter Google.

Google just launched a project called Chrome for a Cause, wherein they will donate towards one or several of those causes for every tab you open.  All you have to do is install the extension and go about your business.  That’s it.  This takes virtually no effort and literally no money, and you’re helping other people.

Now, I have a bit of a soapbox here in the form of this blog.  It’s not a big one, but I’ve had over 17,000 unique viewers since I started it.  That’s enough to vaccinate 711 people, and none of you has to try.  Right now only 30% of you uses Chrome (is it scary how well I know you?), so all I ask is this:

Switch to Chrome.  It’s faster, it updates itself, and it’s getting better by the day.  Even if it wasn’t for this, you should switch.

Install the extension.  It’s right here.

Carry on.  The extension will just sit there and monitor how many tabs you use, not even your browsing history, and at the end of the day it’ll ask you where to send the money.

There’s not a single reason not to do this.  Step up.

One thought

  1. Never used Chrome. Safari, IEE, FF and Opera, but never Chrome. Perhaps… perhaps I'll go check it out. Why not? I like trees.

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