Let’s say you’re a Swedish schoolgirl.  You have a test coming up, and you don’t know what’s on it, because let’s face it, that’s kind of why they do those.

And you’ll do anything to get an A…

So what’s the best strategy?  To steal the answers.  Duh.

BUT WAIT!  By the hammer of Thor (to whom, I have it on good authority, literally all Swedish people still sacrifice their undergarments), how do you get the answers?

You electronically bug the teachers’ lounge.  Because that’s how that works.

Did you hear I wrote my students a test? Be very quiet while I recite every single answer to you.

Ok, so you lost us a little.  But we’ll fight through it.  If we accept that it’s normal that you did this, we then have to ask, “But tell me, lords of the internet!  How is it that such a story made its way from the wilds of snowy Sweden into my earballs, via the dulcet typefaces of Boy Genius?  How, to put it in a nutshell, did they get caught?”

Because they put it on Facebook.

What now?

Yes.  Which leaves one question:

How does someone who can get ahold of surveillance equipment do something that stupid?

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