Who loves design concepts?  You do.  So if I showed you a concept, you'd get all super-happy, almost delirious, like this kitty, right? You bet your velvety ear blanket you would.  You ready for this?  Brace yourself and squeal in anticipation as I reveal THIS. Now I know what you're thinking.  You're thinking "that's an... Continue Reading →


This woman thinks she's magnetic. She's not.  For one thing, there are some very fundamental laws of physics (why do those keep coming up?) that prevent flesh and blood from attracting metal, and then there's this story. On one occasion I had a dreadful experience at the supermarket. When I reached the check-out the till machine... Continue Reading →

A Study of Asshats

Ponder, for a moment, the asshat.First Images result.  No surprise there."Asshat" may be an unfamiliar term for many of you, though rest assured, you know one or two.  An asshat is irritating for no apparent reason, but not to a level of severity sufficient to earn the term "asshole." It's not enough to make you... Continue Reading →


I am not posting this because I have anything negative to say about it.  I am posting it because everyone deserves a moment, every once in a while, whence their imagination is overwhelmed.  Everyone has the right, now and then, to involuntarily drop their jaw in amazement.  I am posting this because when I saw... Continue Reading →

Hello Ladies.

Look at your god . . .Now back to me . . .Now back to your god . . .Now back to me.Sadly, your god's not me, but if he stopped being an irritatingly self-contradictory artifact of public delusion and started talking like Morgan Freeman, he could sound like me.Look away . . .Now back... Continue Reading →

The Guessing Game, Version [Large Number]

I'm going to show you a photo, and you won't know what it is, except secretly you totally will and you won't want to say anything in case you're wrong, except you're not.  Here it is.Ahem.That, ladies and gentleman, is not only a woman's personal massaging device, it is the oldest woman's personal massaging device... Continue Reading →

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