In April of 2009, I started this blog to give myself an outlet for the stupidity and irrationality of the world.  I get angry about a lot of things in the world, and the blog was how I got angry without getting angry at anyone.  Internally, once I’d written about something, it was done.  I didn’t have to address it again.  If someone brought up homeopathy or astrology or cell phones giving you cancer, I could bite my tongue because I’d already debunked that.  It was cathartic.

In addition to all that self-examination crap, I was good at it.  I like writing, and I’m freaking hilarious, so writing funny shit just seemed like something I should do.  I built a fan base.  I built a Facebook page.  I got lazy and started writing less and less often, but you all loved it when I did write and you stuck by me.

Then, suddenly, nearly five years after I started it, the blog was unceremoniously struck down by the powers that be at Google.  I’d like to think that it was because I was just so damn controversial that someone complained and I was censored for being the establishment-shattering rebel that I am, but really it was just a piece of malware in a third-party smidgen of code that I installed to make an archive page.  Unfortunately, the bots found it, cut me off without warning, and that was that.  Weeks in the forums, scouring the internet for solutions, impassioned pleas for help from Blogger Support and even the chief executives at Google — yes, I found Sergey Brin’s email address — all turned up nothing.  It’s gone.  Hundreds of posts, thousands of hours of work, tens of thousands of words…it’s all gone.

If, somehow, I get it all back, I’ll be posting it here.  I’ll do a throwback post a day until I run out and we’re caught up, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

I’d like to say I learned something from this.  I’d like to say that the process of having a major part of my life erased without ceremony or recourse taught me a valuable lesson, or that it elucidated what’s really important in my life, or that in a way, I’m thankful to Blogger for opening my eyes.

Well I’m not.  Fuck those guys.  The only lesson I learned from this is to back up everything.  I already do that for my computer, so I don’t know why I didn’t think to do the same for my online presence.

The point of all that rambling is that this blog means something to me, and it has for a while, and hopefully it means something to some of you as well.  And that means that I’m not giving up, just because of this.

New design, new host, new methods, new posts.

Let’s get this party started.

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  1. Why don’t you just go to your old blog’s address on the Internet Archive / Wayback Machine? Even super obscures stuff is archived there. If you had a readership, your blog is there too.

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