This woman thinks she’s magnetic.


She’s not.  For one thing, there are some very fundamental laws of physics (why do those keep coming up?) that prevent flesh and blood from attracting metal, and then there’s this story.

On one occasion I had a dreadful experience at the supermarket. When I reached the check-out the till machine started to misbehave and it was obvious I had caused it.  The man on the checkout started shouting at me and accused me of putting a voodoo curse on his till.

Yeah, that seems likely.  The guy’s cash register was acting flakey, so he assumed the nearest woman was a witch with demonic powers.  Oh, and here’s the uncropped photo.

magnet 01

How can you not believe her?  I mean, look at all those metal objects stuck to her.  There’s a few problems there.

First, coins—almost all of them—are not magnetic for practical reasons.

Second, don’t you think she looks a little . . . I don’t know, sticky?  Like it wouldn’t be that hard to stick small, light metal objects to her?  Like this kid did?

That's sixteen spoons, ladies and gentlemen.
That’s sixteen spoons, ladies and gentlemen.

It seems a little more likely, to be honest.  I’m willing to bet that you’ll never hear about her again.

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