A Simple "No" Would Have Sufficed . . .

Everybody loves soccer, right?  Sure, some people think there aren’t enough goals and there are too many ties, and some crazy right-wingers think it’s destroying America, and some people can’t stand the sound of those FUCKING vuvuzewhateverthehellthey’recalleds, but there are more countries in FIFA than there are in the UN, so there’s got to be some appeal.  The point is, wanting to watch it on TV does not make you crazy.

At least it’s better than those televangelism shows.

So thought David Makoeya, a 61-year-old man who recently wanted to watch the Germany – Australia game rather than witness some plastic-faced, permed assdouche giving his personal interpretation of why Jesus wants you to give him money.

His family disagreed in a very big way.

duh nuh . . .

Apparently he asked for the remote to change the channel, and they refused.

So he got up to change the channel himself.

DUH NUH . . .

At that point, his 36-year-old son, 23-year-old daughter, and 63-year-old wife got up and started assaulting him.  But “assault” is just a generic police word for any kind of physical altercation, right?  It couldn’t have been that bad, right?  They probably just gave him a bit of a shove, right?


They beat him to death.

Now I’m not saying that just because these people wanted to watch a religious show, their religion is responsible.  I’m not saying that this brutal attack was at all provoked by religion, except indirectly.  But these people were all what I call Good Christians™, meaning they probably lived otherwise normal lives, went to church, hugged their parents, etc.

If religion in general and Christianity specifically are supposed to make you a better person, how do things like this keep happening?  How is it possible that a system of rules that are supposed to come from the infallible Creator of the Universe™ have so much leeway in them—so much room for interpretation—that two deeply religious people can lose control to the extent that they beat their own father to death with the help of their mother over a TV show about Jesus?

That’s fucked up.

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