Green-Tinted Glasses

I’ve written about Inhabitat before, mostly because they’re hilarious and don’t seem to have a goddamned clue what’s actually good for the environment, instead opting to post every impossible concept and misguided, well-intentioned effort at environmental friendliness.  The latest installment is this.

Shiny = good, apparently

The eagle-eyed among you will notice that the technobox on that beautiful hardwood wall is made by Electrolux, fine purveyors of home appliances.  That’s because it’s a washing machine.  Not the door to a washing machine embedded in the wall, that’s the whole thing.  I’ll let Inhabitat introduce it.

The wall-mountable version really is much tinier than a conventional washer and really isn’t even recognizable as the bulky machines of yore.

Well duh.  That’s the problem.  Go on . . .

The ring of LED lights around the door functions as a visual indicator of the machine’s process, and provides a signal when the cycle is done. The high gloss finish and the styling of the laundry machines are intended for a space where they are going to be regularly visible.

So it’s pretty and has that cool feature (which I like), but what makes it eco-tastic?

The wall mounted unit will only be able to do a small load of laundry at a time, but would only use less than a gallon of water per load.

Yes, they actually highlight it in green just to punch you in the face with the super earthiness, but here’s the thing.  You know what you can wash with less than a gallon of water?

Like one towel.

Reeeal fucking groundbreaking, guys.

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