Brace Yourselves, It’s ABOUT TO GET AWESOME

I found this picture via Jalopnik. I was compelled to write about it.

No caption is necessary. Keep looking at the picture.

That is the KAMAZ-4326, a Russian truck built specifically for the Dakar Rally. It has won the Dakar Rally a record 9 times, and won every single stage of the 2010 race. It has a huge diesel engine and is designed to carry lots of weight into inaccessible areas (most of Russia) at very high speeds. Drivers of the KAMAZ are required to have testicles big enough to generate their own tidal pull. Here’s why (warning: terrible Russian techno soundtrack).

Your man-parts are barely adequate to watch this video, let alone drive that truck.

This is not a stupid post in any way, it’s just higher levels of awesome than I thought one man could experience, so I put it up.

3 Thoughts

  1. what kind of load could possibly be important enough for this vehicle to be needed. OH GOD WE'VE GOT A LOAD OF GRAVEL WE NEED YOU TO DELIVER OR THE WORLD WILL EXPLODE!!

  2. Well when it's full, it's not that fast, it's just really burly and can drive on shitty roads to get places. There are racing series in the US that use semi truck cabs, only geared differently and with no load. It's the first rule of racing: if it will move, someone will race it.

  3. KAMAZ 4326 top speed when empty (fuel only) = over 200kph
    KAMAZ 4326 top speed when on racing trim (around 9000kg) = limited to 150kph, possibly 175kph if unrestricted

    Its power is close to 1000hp and it accelerates like if it was powered by Hell itself thanks to a great transmission. It's a government-backed racing project. It's the Russians telling the World how fucking awesome they are. I can't wait for the 2013 Dakar rally (Peru-Chile-Argentina-Chile) in early January to see more of their awesomeness and see if they can recover the title after De Rooy beated them with a Freightliner-like Iveco Powerstar

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