I Have Found My Competition. Irony Is Involved.

I was browsing the Intertubes today for a group project involving blogs and found a blog called “Surrounded by Stupidity.” It is written by “Ella Vader” from “Friendville, USA,” both of which I am guessing are fake. Her mission statement is: “This page is dedicated to all the stupidity I find in this world. Like the ‘All Seeing Eye’ my ‘Third Eye’ is wide open and I see more stupidity than anything else. I’m completely surrounded by stupidity – we all are. I decided to open this site as a bitch and complain area. I’m looking for like minded people who’s got a gripe about the idiots in this world. I will have random things here… not always bitching. This is a bizarre world we live in… humans are the most bizzare of all. I have qurky humor – takes some awhile to ‘get me’. If you offend easily or have no strange humor then run away fast.. this area is not for you.”

Now this sounds a lot like me, only less witty. Her title is boring, the “All-Seeing Eye” shit (in which she left out the necessary hyphen) is kind of weird, and she misspelled “quirky”. But pretty much the same thing.

The problem is that her only two posts are the one about her mission, which includes two broken hotlinks to an expired Photobucket account, and a montage of stupid cat videos. There is also a banner saying “Website Under Construction, Check Back Soon” in that most infantile of formats, the animated GIF, dated almost 2 years ago. So all she’s done is to make a YouTube video of cats (one in an elite group of 7.7 million other cat videos) and tell us that the whole world is stupid.

Which is stupid.

So I win.

4 Thoughts

  1. You're kind of an outdoorsy Tucker Max. I dig the blog, but you are way too hung up and tensed on grammer, punctuation, capitalization, etc. for a climbing Boulder guy. Keep it up! I also dig your work on BC, except of course when you are a complete ass to undeserving people just asking an innocent (yet oftentimes unimaginably ridiculously lazy or oblivious question).

  2. I'm a journalism student, it's my job (or will be) to be pedantic about grammar and spelling. On the internet, the only way to judge someone's intelligence is how they present themselves verbally, so that's what I do. The BC thing is just me getting really frustrated.

  3. Ha! Maybe you're more of the Howard Stern of BC. In my opinion you shouldn't get frustrated. People probably either really like your posts and humor or are incensed by it and give you constant negative reviews whether they are helpful or not. Either way the buzz is good for their business and your profile just for the traffic it creates, not to mention you are (in many cases) providing helpful gear information. Maybe you should plug the blog on your BC posts with a signature link. Anyway, keep it up! Also, sorry about the grammar spelling error in the previous comment and any other further errors that make you cringe.

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