Slim Thug For The Aristocrat In You

Ah, Slim Thug.

What a sophisticated gentleman. Anyway, it has come to my attention that some of the classier folks in the world are somewhat confused by the lyrical diction that Stayve Jerome Thomas has chosen for his music. Ergo, I have undertaken a translation of one of his pieces, “Click Clack.” And here we go.

I was taught only reach for the heat if you busting
So when lift this shirt that’s the end of discussion
Click clack motherfuckers! – I ain’t trying to hear nothing!
Click clack motherfuckers! – I ain’t trying to hear nothing!

In the past, I have been instructed to use firearms as a last resort exclusively.
Thusly, the exposition of my weapon should be construed as the end of diplomatic conversation.
The sounds make by the cocking and firing of my handgun will drown out any attempts at argument you may be trying to make.
Again, don’t try to talk. I’ll shoot you. Motherfucker.

When snitch niggaz give police clues to watch
Well I’m a give them faggot niggaz news to watch
My trigger blow niggaz out they shoes and socks
I guarantee I won’t miss you if I use the dot
I’m Slim Thugga motherfucker! best respect my G!
Or they gon say they name after R.I.P

When acquaintances of mine inform the police as to my plans,
They are homosexuals. And I will show them something worth watching.
I plan to shoot them with such force that their shoes and socks are left behind.
If I properly utilize the aiming mechanism on my handgun, I am confident that I will hit you.
I’m Slim Thugga, and I expect to be treated with respect.
Or someone will be reading a eulogy with your name in it. Motherfucker.

How dare you pussy niggaz’ tissue slugs bout me
Cause then I’m a get to show ya how thug I be!
And I don’t give a FUCK what set you claim
They got rich niggaz that blow out brains
Just cause you from the projects don’t mean you hard
Most of them hoods y’all repping ain’t seen you broads!

How dare you…umm…fuck.

Ok, so I give up. I have no idea what he’s trying to say here. The rest of the song is equally incomprehensible. I just can’t.

Coming soon, a better post. This one sort of petered out into nothing. Sorry.

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