Target Audience: Imbeciles

See if you can guess what this is:
Did you guess “worst use of 80 bucks known to man”? Congratulations! It’s the Ruffwear Sun Shower jacket, and in case you hadn’t guessed from the brand name or the decidedly canine shape of the photo, it’s a raincoat for dogs. Here’s what Backcountry has to say about it:

It’s a rain jacket. For dogs. Yes, seriously.

That, I think, sums it up nicely, but I feel obligated to give Ruffwear’s own website its say:

No more soggy dog! Keep water and mud off your dog and off your floors with this year-round, lightweight rain shell. The oversized shape covers more surface area and protects your dog’s belly from mud, dirt, and puddles.

Now I must be mean and sarcastic. I simply must. Here’s a fun fact: dogs don’t bring in mud on their bellies. They bring it in on their feet. Which a raincoat will not cover. Also, dogs do not give a teeny tiny shit about being wet. They actually enjoy it. There is not a single dog in the world that would rather wear this than roll in the mud. Thus, by buying this product, you are accomplishing several things:
– having less money
– being a tool
– making your dog sad (see photo)
– not keeping your floors clean

It is a truly unfortunate product. I only wish I could come up with more to berate it for.

One thought

  1. You know the purpose of this item is to extend outdoor sessions on rainy days. While dogs may not care about getting wet, and while mud is primarily spread by paws (although I’m sure this helps to some degree), the purpose is first and foremost a health concern. Dogs, like humans, can catch colds and pneumonia.

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