The Beginning

This is in fact the third time I’ve tried to start a blog. The first time was a “random thoughts” blog, which fell through because I wasn’t motivated enough to actually post my random thoughts, just to think them. The second time was to keep people posted on what I was doing for my semester off school, but then I got a regular schedule, nothing changed, and that fell through too. This time will be different. I recently got word that my Rant—a piece in Rock and Ice that is what it sounds like—got accepted. People like it. And it was then that I realized what I could write about so that I wouldn’t get bored and wouldn’t run out of material. In a word: stupid. Stupid ads, stupid people, stupid stuff I see or hear about, etc. Plus the occasional Antistupid for when I find something so simple or brilliant it needs to be mentioned. Hope you enjoy.

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