Ford Flex Ad

As anyone reading this knows, ads on the Internet can be pretty damn stupid. My personal favorite is the one that informs me, proud owner of a perfectly functional MacBook Pro, that my copy of Windows Vista is defective and would I please download this software to fix it immediately or bad things will happen OMG.

The other day, however, I found this ad.
Let’s just make it clear what the ad is trying to tell you. The newly released Ford Flex is equipped with the groundbreaking technology and user interactivity to tell you what the weather is doing from right inside your car. I’ll pause to let that sink in. For a very tiny fraction of a second after seeing this, I was intrigued. Cars have been getting more and more useful features, from integrated Bluetooth to GPS navigation to iPod controls to satellite radio. This is so much worse than any car feature ever. Including whistle tips. What baffles me is that a highly paid, professional marketing consultant decided that the best thing to sell to people about this car was that it could tell you, the consumer, sitting in a fucking box of windows, that it was raining. That’s damn near clairvoyant.

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