There is a thing called a Taga.  Apparently, it’s the ultimate bike-stroller combo.

I wasn’t aware that bike-stroller combos were a thing, so being the “ultimate” one doesn’t seem like much of an accomplishment, but fine.
Now, you may have looked at that headline and had a vague sense of foreboding.  A feeling of dread, the origins of which you were uncertain.  I’ll show you what that is.
God DAMN it…
Yes, this is the children’s product version of Inhabitat, the number one source of stupid ideas that are taken seriously on the internet.
This will be a short post.
First of all, this thing costs fifteen HUNDRED dollars, and that’s preposterous.  But I don’t care.
It also is both a bicycle and a stroller, which is unnecessary.  But I don’t care.
Here’s what bothers me.
The child is in FRONT of the bicycle.  That’s the worst place to put a child on a bicycle.  If you have to stop suddenly because someone pulls out too quickly in their car, your child is the thing most likely to hit that car.  If you hit a curb or clip a newspaper box (because the front of this thing has two wheels and is unreasonably wide), your child is going to suffer the whiplash.
No rational parent wants to mount their infant to the front of a bicycle.  Stop it.

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