Two artists in Holland would like to sell you this.


Now I know you’re thinking that that looks like a tiny plastic pill-shaped case with a poorly-contained chunk of ice slowly melting inside, and you’re probably also thinking that because it costs $33, it can’t possibly be that.

It is that.  It’s an ice cube in a plastic thing.  But it’s a special one.  Here’s the goal of this product.

To sell the pieces to people throughout the country that cherish and preserve it. To let the ice hibernate in the freezer compartment of their refrigerator for better times to come. Come get your relic from the last ice age, come get your piece of history and bring the heated discussion home.
You see, by “relic of the last ice age,” they mean “little chunk of a big piece of ice that we picked up off the ground in Greenland.”  That means that it’s probably like 6 months old.  Not 50,000 years.
No one’s going to buy this, guys.  No one buys art that they have to keep in the freezer.  I don’t care about your symbolism and I don’t care how poor you are.  You’re a starving artist for a reason.

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