Dominic Wilcox is a designer.  “Designer” is a dangerous term, because it usually means some crazy person with ridiculous ideas who then makes CAD drawings or actual mock-ups of his crazy ideas and yet, for some goddamn reason, I appear to be the only person to notice that said idea is crazy.  Wilcox actually has some really cool ideas, some artistic, some practical, some clearly kidding (genetically modified square peas that won’t roll) and I invite you to check out his website.

This, however, is not one of Dominic’s finer moments.  You see, often the problems that come with design concepts are so simple that they are overlooked.  People get so excited about the materials or the environmental friendliness or the pure aesthetic of something that they forget that it won’t actually do anything.  Or something.  This is one of those cases.

I know that looks like a row of colored pencils, but it’s a shelf.  Isn’t that neat?  It’s very pretty, and the supports are even made from pencil cases so it matches the theme.  It would look really good in an art studio or something.

But there’s one problem.

You’re going to stab yourself on it ALL THE GODDAMN TIME.

So close.

One thought

  1. Personally I would put the pencils in some kind of clear block. Like glass or plastic or resin or SOMETHING.

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